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Pink Square
Rotterdam 2014

A self-portrait as three bedrooms, in a house in Rotterdam. The audience were served Irish Coffee in the first room. Here they could see lightbox black-eye portraits, webcam videos of sleep tormented by an alarm and the complusive viewing of the series 'Breaking Bad'. Upstairs in the smoking den, they sat on piles of blankets and mattresses while surrounded by huge moths and trees made from bruised limbs. A television screen in the corner showed a live feed of the third room, where I lay sleeping next to a dummy on a bed with no mattress.


'House of Sandwich' Household

Belfast 2012

Three couples were invited to spend the night in a specially created 'Boudoir', in a house on the Ormeau Road. Each night the couple were served a roast chicken, grapes and champagne to be consumed in the room. Costumes, dummies, furniture and framed drawings were all in 'pairs'. Every detail in the room was deliberate. Two 35mm stills camera's are set up on tripods. There was a choice of three DVDs to watch on a large flatscreen television; 'Abigails Party', 'Indecent Proposal' and 'Nine Songs'. In the morning a breakfast tray was left outside the door.


Space Delawab

Belfast 2009

A gallery in a large Victorian house in Belfast, was transformed into a private bedroom for two weeks. Each person living in the house (plus four specifically chosen guests) were invited to spend a night there alone. The bedroom was completely white, and contained customised furniture, costumes and objects. The room was changed specifically for each guest. No photographic images or video were ever permitted. Only the guests were  allowed to enter the room. The only way the work could be experienced by a secondary audience is through conversations and video interviews with the guests. 

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