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'Interventions in Space, Playing Art History'
BuroRotterdam, Rotterdam, 2013
A waitress dressed in beige overalls invited audience members to have a romantic meal with themselves. They were instructed to put on similar overalls and to sit at a metal table set with disposable cutlery. They were confronted with a television screen hooked up to a CCTV camera which shows live footage of their face. The sound of screeching feedback played throughout. They are served spaghetti, cream and mushrooms as well as a cup of white wine. While they had the date with themselves, they were being viewed by the rest of the audience. After they finished, the waitress threw their dishes on the ground and set the table for the next dinner guest. 

This project was supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.




'HOUSE/HOME', residence

Belfast 2008

Thirteen artists were invited to live and work together for a week in a large Georgian house for the 'residence' project 'HOUSE/HOME'. On the fourth day, eleven of the artists were asked to attend a dinner party. They were instructed to wear all black, including gloves and hats. The entire room, furniture and food were all black. The chairs had been customised so that guests had to sit back to back, on the floor or high above the others. Half of the plates were amplified using contact mics. The guests found the atmosphere socailly crippling. They could not communicate and it quickly decended into tribal banging and a food fight.

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