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Household is a curatorial collective based in Belfast, that encourages audiences to re-negotiate how they view and interact with art in urban and domestic spaces. The collective aims to create opportunities to experience new work in unrestricted, non-commercial and non-institutional contexts. 


 In 2013 and 2014 Household organised a festival in the Ormeau Road area of Belfast over 40 sites featuring the works of over 100 artists. Local residents were encouraged to open their homes to show their own art, music and theatre. Projects also took place in the Ormeau Park, the local library and in back alleyways. In 2013 Household curated a programme of visual art for the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. We invited seven local artists and a theatre group to make site-specific works in disused office buildings and shops in the city centre of Belfast. In 2015 we organised 'Out in the Open' a series of screenings, new commisions and discussions surrounding the complexities of making art in public in Belfast. Household are currently based in Sailortown working in partnership with the Sailortown Regeneration Group.


Household are: Alissa Kleist, Jane Butler, Sean Greer, Sinead O'Neill-Nicholl, Sighle Bhreathnach-Cashell, Eoin Dara, Ciara Hickey, and Kim McAleese.

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