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'HIGH-RISE', Hofpoort Building
Rotterdam 2015
Six small screens were installed on the 18th floor of the Hofpoort Building, amongst the work of that years Piet Zwart MFA graduates. The screens showed a 'live' feed of other floors in the building. Twenty of the twenty four floors are now vacant, in the purpose built offices for Royal Dutch Shell (that now dwell across the road). The empty spaces seen on the screens are occasionally animated by flashing lights and the sound of machinery.
178B Verboomstraat
'South Explorer', Het Ot-je Basements
Rotterdam 2015
A projection on the wall of a basement showed a living room. After watching this, viewers were invited to put on wireless headphones and go upstairs alone. They entered a flat and saw the living room they had just been watching in the basement. They listened to two music tracks 'Just Like Honey' by Jesus and Mary Chain and 'Utrenja (Ewangelia) from The Shining Soundtrack. They moved through the bedroom, kitchen and spare room, unsure of what they were meant to do. Some of them noticed the small camera in the living room and appeared on the projection downstairs when they entered the shot.


'Radio Sonne'
Egloffstien 2014


Nineteen people lived together in an old house in a German Village for one week. Each person was invited to go into the kitchen in the basement alone, for ten minutes. Inside they found two television screens connected to CCTV cameras. One showing the view outside and the other showing the room they are in. The cameras and screens are arranged so they can never see their own face. A radio playing static, a book, a bowl of semi rotten fruit and two flies have been placed in the room. Nothing happens.

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