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In collaboration with George Thompson and Richard Martin

'GAMES NIGHT!' The Glue Factory

Glasgow 2012


A frenzied Game Show hosted by John Cavannagh and Claire Biddles. Two teams of two players competed on a life size board game, cheered on by a divided audience. They answered quiz questions and competed in challenges. The audience was unaware that whole show is fixed and that one of the contestants (Davy Mahon) was a ‘plant’. This piece was the finale to the one night event ‘GAMES NIGHT!’  co- curated with George Thompson, Claire Biddles and Richard Martin. Thirteen artists from Glasgow and Belfast produced a series of games for an audience to compete with each other. 

Featuring Stephen Hannah and Siobhan McKinley
'PROCEDURE' The Station
Belfast 2012
A secretary directed visitors into a room, one at a time. A man sat behind a desk with 2 piles of t-shirts (red with an ‘A’ and blue with a ‘B’). He instructed the visitor to stand on the ‘X’ on the carpet. He then interrogated them with random questios like ‘Do you believe in evil?’ ‘What is your favourite colour?’ After scrutiny he handed them either a red or blue t-shirt and told them to put in on and leave. Later visitors found a board game for 2 players. The room was decorated like the board. A blue and red crown matched the game’s pieces.  'Player A : Red’ always went first, sat on a higher throne and had one extra game piece. The 'Player B : Blue’ could win the game but it was much more difficult. 




Platform Arts Members Show

Belfast 2010

Four poker players put their faces and hands inside a black box. They found themselves in a small office, with green walls, beige carpet, suspended ceiling and flourescent lighting.


They could gamble with a specially made deck of cards and paper clip chips, while drinking whiskey. Each player was labelled either WINNER/LOSER/DEALER/CHEAT. 

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