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'FIX 13' Live Art Bienalle Catalyst Arts

Belfast 2013 


An intervention taking place on the express bus route from Belfast to Larne, the journey lasted one hour. The target audience was the unsuspecting passengers on the left side of the bus. Forty participants wearing identical clothing (a red woollen hat, a grey t-shirt, black trousers and black shoes), were located along the route on the left side of the road. They performed various actions to be seen by any passengers who happened to be looking out the window. 


November Complex : Super in Postion

In collaboration with Sol Archer, Hunter Longe and Ghislain Amar

'HIGH-RISE', Hofpoort

Rotterdam 2015


A performance/exhibition/intervention which was viewed from the 360 degree windows of 18th floor of the Hofpoort (previously Royal Dutch Shell HQ). Nineteen artists created works in the city to be seen from above, all featuring the colour RED. The Baron Von Shell (Sol Archer) gave the audience a guided tour of historical family fiction for the works which appeared on cue.



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