The Occasional Man Install Shot.JPG
The Occasional Man

Artist Duo 'Duncan'

Sighle Bhreathnach-Cashell and Richard Martin

Belfast Film Festival

November 2020

‘The Occasional Man’ is an immersive film installation following the protagonist ‘Duncan’, a recently retired Glaswegian embarking on a failed attempt to become an actor. The audience will be guided through scenes from his disillusioned life, across several rooms of the former UTV Studios at Havelock House. 


The project has been made in partnership with Flax Art Studios and Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive.


Location: Flax Art Studios, Havelock House, Belfast, BT7 1EB




'As Other See Us' Morrigan Banner, Digit
As Others See Us

 Array Collective 

'Collaborate!', Jerwood Arts, London

October - December 2019

A major new group exhibition presenting commissions by early-career artists working in collaborative and collective practices based across the UK.The selected artist collectives are: Array, Keiken + George Jasper Stone, Languid Hands and Shy Bairns.

Array is a collective based in Belfast which creates collaborative actions in response to socio-political issues affecting Northern Ireland. The group comprises of artists: Sighle Bhreatnach-Cashell, Sinéad Bhreatnach-Cashell, Alessia Cargnelli, Emma Campbell, Mitch Conlon, Clodagh Lavelle, Laura O’Connor, Grace McMurray, Stephen Millar and Thomas Wells.

'As Others See Us', is centred on three fictional characters drawn from the pre-Christian myths and folklore of ancient Ireland: ‘The Sacred Cow’, ‘The Long Shadow’ and ‘The Morrigan’. These characters have shape-shifted through crowds at Belfast Pride and the banks of the River Thames in London and have been documented through film, performance, sculpture and textiles. In December Array hosted a symposium at Jerwood Arts, opening the discussion around activist work in Northern Ireland to like-minded artists and activists from different generations to directly respond to the issues raised in the work, exploring tensions and possible resolutions.